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Scalper/Reclaimer Screens

These machines often serve as the initial screening stage and aim to eliminate challenging-to-screen materials, such as clay-bound materials, typically their main purpose is to ‘scalp’ and remove oversized materials. Because they are situated early in the processing sequence, they need to be heavy duty, capable of handling large-sized materials effectively.

Parts Available:

  • Harpscreens

  • Wire Mesh

  • Punch Plates

  • Clips & Fasteners

  • HRC Couplings

  • Skirt Board Rubber

  • Crown Bar Rubber

  • Clamp Rails

  • Side Tension Clamp Rails

  • End Tension Clamp Bars

  • Wear Plate Liners

  • Drive Belts

  • Belting/Rubber

  • Rollers

  • Head/Tail Pulleys

  • Track Parts

  • Bearings

  • Hydraulic/Electric Motors

  • Hyrdaulic Pumps

  • Gear Boxes

  • Remotes/Dog Leads

  • + Much more

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