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Finish/Incline Screens

The material is lifted by vibrations, which helps to arrange it in layers. The travel speed of the material across the deck is determined by the combination of vibration and the incline angle of the screenbox. These machines typically work at angles of 15° to 20° and use circular motion and gravity to move the material downwards through the decks or screens.

Parts Available:

  • Harpscreens

  • Wire Mesh

  • Clips & Fasteners

  • HRC Couplings

  • Skirt Board Rubber

  • Crown Bar Rubber

  • Clamp Rails

  • Side Tension Clamp Rails

  • End Tension Clamp Bars

  • Wear Plate Liners

  • Drive Belts

  • Belting/Rubber

  • Rollers

  • Head/Tail Pulleys

  • Track Parts

  • Bearings

  • Hydraulic/Electric Motors

  • Hyrdaulic Pumps

  • Gear Boxes

  • Remotes/Dog Leads

  • + Much more

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