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Impact Crushers

An impact crusher is a device designed to fragment materials into smaller pieces by forcefully striking them with a rapidly rotating rotor equipped with hammers or blow bars. The materials are introduced into the machine through a feed hopper, and upon entering, the high RPM rotor forcefully impacts them, causing them to break down into smaller fragments. Typically, these machines are used in secondary applications, although they can be used in Primary, dependent on material.

Parts Available:

  • Blow Bars/Hammers

  • Punch Plates

  • Wear Plate Liners

  • Monoblocks

  • Drive Belts

  • Belting/Rubber

  • Rollers

  • Head/Tail Pulleys

  • Track Parts

  • Bearings

  • Hydraulic/Electric Motors

  • Gear Boxes

  • Remotes/Dog Leads

  • + Much more

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